Det handlar inte bara om att be om en hand....

"13 January - No Beer at Wedding Negotiations in Twic East                                                           
  13 January - (Nairobi) – Local authorities have banned                                                             
  the buying of beer as part of marriage negotiations in                                                             
  Twic East County, Jonglei State, with effect from last                                                             
 week. They suggest that the measure should be extended to                                                           
   the whole of Greater Bor County. Paramount chief Duot                                                             
 Ajang Duot said that buying a crate of beer costs over 50                                                           
  USD. He says it is too expensive for ordinary people to                                                            
 afford. The beer is usually bought by the groom’s family                                                            
 as refreshment for the relatives of the bride. The chief                                                            
  of Dachueek community, Reech Deng, also from Twic East                                                             
 County, proposed that beer should be banned after he was                                                            
    required to buy at least 5 bottles of beer for each                                                              
   person during his son’s wedding negotiations. Wedding                                                             
 negotiations usually involve a large number of people. He                                                           
 realized that for him to provide enough beer for all the                                                            
  bride’s relatives, he had to sell 3 cows which amounted                                                            
  to over 2000 USD. The commissioner of Twic East County,                                                            
      Diing Akol Diing, has decreed that for marriage                                                                
    negotiations only traditional beer, known as ‘white                                                              
   stuff’, which is cheap, should be used. Anyone found                                                              
 violating the ruling will be imprisoned for 3 months and                                                            
                   will be fined 2 cows.


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